Devin Pickering | Designer & Web Developer
Designer & Web Developer

Markham Garage Doors


"I would like to extend many thanks Devin for showing my company how advertising is supposed to work. Today’s industry is so different from that of six years ago. I was pouring money into a very well known advertising firm and also dabbled in SEO with a couple of major name companies. I have built a great relationship with Devin he takes the time to make sure that your company image is the best in your industry, your website is second to none, and your marketing strategy is custom tailored to your business and your market. He understands that advertising money is something that no one wants to part with. This is because companies fork out money and are not able to calculate results and never see a change in business volume year after year. The results are astonishing. The biggest asset to Devin is he takes the time to understand your business needs and wants. Your needs are different than any other company, he will make sure your ideas, views and expectations of your company are understood and are marketed to your clientele properly. The results give you the opportunity to make your business grow. It’s a team effort and you will have the best “Quarterback” making marketing decisions behind the scenes daily. The rest is up to you!"

— Chris Dale, Markham Garage Doors